Dr Farshid Achak

Dr Farshid Achak

He was born in Tehran in 1351. He completed his general medicine course at the Kashan University of Medical Science and then graduated in ear, nose, and throat specialization at Tehran University of Medical Sciences after receiving a specialized board certificate in this field, he served for three years in Gonbad Kavus city. He performed a large number of rhinoplasty surgeries at Beski Hospital in this city.

After the end of the commitment period, he cooperated with Alborz University of Medical Sciences for 9 months and undertook the training of the first group of medical students of this university in Alborz Hospital.

In 2016, he cooperated with Amir Alam Hospital Complex for 3 years. In 2018, he also worked in the otolaryngology clinic of Razi Hospital. Since 2019, he has been cooperating with the Ear, Nose, and Throat Department of Bo Ali Hospital in the field of training medical students

Currently, he performs ear, nose and throat surgeries in Yas Sepid, Aban and Farmaniye hospitals in Tehran

During his medical career, he had many successful surgeries such as

tonsil surgery, nasal and sinus endoscopy, nasal polyp surgery, thyroid tumor surgery, salivary mass surgery, head and neck mass surgery including lymph node masses, children's cystoscopy surgery, eardrum rupture surgery, earlobe deformity surgery, and deviation surgery And he has performed rhinoplasty for a large number of patients with a high success rate

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