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I am Amir Daryani. I was born in Tabriz. After receiving an experimental diploma from the National Organization for the Development of Talents in Tabriz in 1992, I entered the University of Medical Sciences in Tabriz as a general medical student and graduated from this university in 1996 with a doctorate in medicine.

After completing the general medicine course in 2005, I went to the military service. After completing my military service in 1992, I was accepted as an Assistant General Surgeon at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. During my studies, due to my interest in research, I was selected as the top researcher by publishing ten articles in prestigious journals, and finally in 1992, by passing the specialized board exam, as a general surgeon from the University of Science.

I graduated from Tabriz Medical University. After completing the general surgery course, I served for three months in the deprived area of ​​Kleiber, which coincided with the horrific earthquake in Varzeqan.

In 1992, I was admitted to the University of Sapinza in Rome to study for a course in fluoroscopic microsurgical surgery for breast reconstruction. After returning to Iran, I worked for one year in the surgery department of Imam Khomeini Hospital of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

After a year of specialized activity in the field of breast oncoplastic surgery, I entered the postgraduate course of plastic surgery at Shahid Beheshti University.

For me, my interest in research and new solutions was a good incentive to pursue academic degrees. Given the new ideas I have and the new research projects I am working on, I hope to be useful to the dear people of Islamic Iran.

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