Who is physician?

A physician (meaning a pain reliever) or a doctor (commonly known) in medical knowledge is a person who specializes in the medical profession, which is the restoration of human health by interviewing a patient, studying, diagnosing, and treating a disease or injury. will pay. This usually requires sufficient academic knowledge such as anatomy, pharmacology, physiology and the recognition and treatment of diseases.

Who is surgeon?

Surgery is a part of medicine in which tissues and organs are cut and then manipulated to try to diagnose or treat an injury or disease, or to improve the shape or function of a part of the body.

The person who performs the surgery is called a surgeon and what is done during the surgery is called surgery operation. The word surgeon is commonly used for a physician, however it is also used for dentists and veterinarians who perform surgery.

Iranian surgeons: what are the best surgery fields in Iran?

Iran is one of the top 10 countries in some fields like Plastic surgery, eye surgery, neurosurgery and heart surgeries. Also Iran has skillful surgeons in other fields too. Iran’s developments in medicine and surgery was amazing in recent years.


Iran is one of the 10 plastic surgery countries in the world

The International Society of Plastic Surgery lists the ten countries with the highest number of plastic surgeries, based on the number of plastic surgeries in each country per 1,000 people.

According to these statistics, Iran is in the tenth place with 1.5 surgeries per thousand people or 120,000 surgeries.

Some of Mediranco physicians and surgeons


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dr daryani


dr yahyavi

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