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LASEK Eye Surgery

LASEK (LASEK stands for Laser epithelial keratomileusis) is a combination of the far-reaching benefits of other methods of eye surgery, LASEK and PRK. This method is used to treat astigmatism, near the nose and hyperopia. The most important difference between LASEK and LASEK is the location of the excimer laser beam to the cornea. In LASEK, the laser beats to a new level after exfoliation of the cornea and shaves; whereas in LASEK, the laser beams without corneal exfoliation and only after removal of the corneal epithelium (corneal epithelial tissue) to the corneal surface. Hit. Despite the fact that LASEK is popular, but for patients who are not eligible for LASEK, LAZC and PRK would be a better choice with a better outcome.

PRK (PRK) is a method of eliminating the patient's near-visual excimer laser. Using this technique, the very thin layer of the cornea is removed in a few 10 microns and the refractive error is reduced by changes in the corneal curvature.

Risks and safety of LASIK surgery?

In most cases, it takes about one to two weeks to recover after LASEK surgery, which is roughly the same as PRK surgery, but it is less time consuming in patients undergoing LASEK. One day after surgery, their vision is fully restored.
LASEK surgical pain is greater than LASEK and less than PRK.
In order to prevent possible damage to the eyelids, LASEK uses a protective layer called bandage contact lenses; however, LASEK does not require this protective layer. Steroid drops may be used for up to several weeks after LASEK surgery.


  • Dry eye due to LASEK surgery is much less than other methods.
  • Corneal damage in this method is much less than other methods, especially LASEK.
  • The operation time is about a few minutes.
  • Corneal nerves are less damaged.


  • Feeling a foreign body in the eye for one to four days after LASEK surgery
  • Possibility to reduce patient vision in dim conditions up to 12 months after LASEK surgery
  • Dry eye and need to use drops
  • Blurred vision until the first few months after surgery

The surgical procedure

In the process of PRC surgery, the doctor cuts the outer cornea thoroughly with a thin-film tool. The correction procedure is performed and the corneal layer itself is improved and restored.

In LASEK surgery, the surgeon makes a circular incision on the surface of the eye with a tool or laser and returns the layer, then performs corneal remodeling and eventually restores the layer. This layer heals within hours.

In LASEK surgery, a very thin layer of cornea (epithelium) is removed by alcohol, and after corneal reconstruction, a contact lens is inserted for better bandage and healing.

Preoperative recommendations

1. Do not use perfume and cologne on the day of surgery.
2. Avoid eye makeup the day before surgery.
3. The night before the operation, wash your eyelashes and eyelids with baby shampoo and warm water.
4. Do not wash your eyes with shampoo in the morning.
5. Visit the hospital on the day of surgery with a companion.
6. Do not use the contact lens 3-4 days before surgery.

How to prepare for LASEK surgery

Usually, the doctor makes a final opinion on or prohibits LASEK by examining the eye and measuring corneal thickness, ocular pressure, pupil dilation and refraction, as well as examining the patient's medical history. If the patient is appropriate for surgery, it is advisable not to use permeable gas contact lenses three weeks before, and conventional contact lenses are usually thankful for up to three days before surgery. The preoperative meal should be light and any eye makeup on the day of surgery is forbidden.

Cost of LAZC surgery in Iran

The cost of LASIK surgery depends on a number of factors, including the geographical location of the clinic, the surgeon and the technologies used. But this procedure is very cheap and quality in Iran.

It should be noted that one of the most important factors affecting the cost of treatment is the surgery you have chosen for your LASIK operation. Certainly you will have to pay more to have experienced and experienced surgeons get the most out of your experience, plus there is no doubt that your surgeon's experience and skill will bring you more peace of mind. These renowned surgeons often give better results and fewer postoperative complications.

The cost of treatment is a function of the surgeon's choice. Obviously, modern technologies that fully evaluate the eye and treat vision defects more accurately than older lasers are more expensive.

The last thing to consider is the geographical location. The cost of surgery in areas with high cost of living will be staggering.

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