Sarina Hotel

Overview of the Sarina hotel

The hotel is one of the most important accommodation in Mashhad, ranging from 1 star to 5 stars. Apart from the hotels, there is also a hotel and a guest house in Mashhad, but due to their high quality they are considered the most important and the best place to stay in Mashhad. There are more than 5 hotels in Mashhad, the majority of which are two-star and three-star, and a few five-star hotels in Mashhad. Due to the religious and pilgrimage context of Mashhad and considering the blessed presence of Imam Reza’s holy shrine in Mashhad, this city is one of the most important tourist cities in the country that should pay special attention to its residences. General hotel features Sarina Hotel Mashhad is one of the four star hotels in Mashhad, located on Imam Reza Street, Danesh street and is one of the newly established hotels in Mashhad which opened in year 1398. This luxurious four star hotel with extraordinary facilities is the perfect choice for accommodation and booking in Mashhad. The hotel has two-bed and three-bed units and a four-bed room. The room is five-bed and features unique amenities such as a stylish restaurant and modern café. The hotel’s dining menu have good quality self-service buffet and is about 1 to 5 minutes’ walk to imam Reza shrine.

Access to sightseeing of Sarina Hotel

Forest Park is one of the sights of Mashhad that you should not leave without seeing it. It is incredible to see this volume of green and tree-lined area in Mashhad. The Golestan Dam is also one of the most important sights on the Golestan River and creates a beautiful landscape especially in the high seasons. The abundance of walnut orchards has made Fesenjan the most important local food in the region. But although Daisy are the most authentic cuisine in the area, many tourists travel to Torghabeh for a taste of Shishlik’s delectable taste. The shishliks of this area are made of grilled lamb,beef and bones. Like the Shahnameh, Ferdowsi’s tomb has its own splendor and beauty. The tomb of the popular Persian-speaking poet is located in a beautiful area about 5 minutes from downtown Mashhad. Houshang Sihoun is the architect of the marble monument and is said to have been inspired by Cyrus’ tomb in its design. The local markets of each city are its most important attractions. Reza Market is the most nostalgic center to buy all kinds of equipment. This market with two nested corridors and about 2 shops is one of the most popular places of interest in Mashhad.


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