Nikan hospital of Tehran

General Overview

In the first year of evaluation, the Nikan hospital also made its way in a predetermined path by achieving a positive accreditation and patient safety rating and receiving international green award certification at the International Conference on Other Ways in Berlin,

Germany ( 2014) as the first private sector hospital in the country to pursue its goals.


Nikan hospital’s special parts includes CCU .ICU-OH,NICU and POSTCATh. The other departments of hospital are
  • Angiography
  • Imaging
  • pathology Lab
  • gynecology
  • pediatrics
  • Nuclear medicine
  • bone density measurement
  • physiotherapy
  • psychology
  • nephrology
  • internal medicine
  • Laser
  • Shock wave
  • Pharmaceutical Care Unit
  • Audiology
  • Electrical stimulation device
  • Physiotherapy in
  • gynecological diseases
  • Physiotherapy in
  • respiratory diseases
Most people believe that this hospital has experienced doctors in the delivery process


009821 29122030
Tehran Province – Aqdasieh- first of Artesh Boulevard - Araj Entrance - Bahman Street