Every thing about liposuction

Every thing about liposuction

Every thing about liposuction

In many years, many techniques created to make the liposuction easier, decrease the risks and improve the results of liposuction.in this blog I consider some important techniques to know all cons and pros of each one, hope to help our patients to opt the best for your liposuction in Iran.

1- tumescent assistant liposuction: it’s the general word and in the most of techniques is the base of procedure. In this method the combination of local insensibility, lidocaine and other drugs in normal saline injected to the zone of surgery to prevent bleeding and vessels contraction. On the other hand it can cause the nesessery local anesthesia to do surgery without general anesthesia. Also in the liposuction with general anesthesia causes low pain and bleeding.

2- Suction assisted liposuction: it’s the oldest and most usual method. In this method the fat remove by the suction.

3- Power assisted liposuction: it’s the usual liposuction with suction which use a tool to increase the suction canola movement to simplify the liposuction and make it faster. Lipomatic, which is popular these days, use this method.

4- Ultrasound-assisted liposuction: more for men! Using ultrasound energy through a special shank to take the fat cells apart and melt the fat.it make the fat removal easier in big amounts. This method is use for vast areas, hard fats, condensed, and men!

5- Vaser liposuction: most recommended! In this method, the surgeon uses a machine, working based on ultrasound, but the difference is using specific groove to contribute the energy to the area equally, this simplify fat removal from side areas.

6- Laser-assisted: make it more safe! This method based on laser technology to fat removal and make the liposuction more effective with low side effects.

7- Safe liposuction: useful method that include 3 steps as separation, aspiration and fat equalization. This type belongs to the power-assistant liposuction. Let’s go through each one briefly:

• separation: it’s include unbend the connections, melt and separate the unwanted extra fat cells from beside areas non-exothermic with help, that don’t hurt blood vessels, skin and other tissues.
• Aspiration: fat cell removal very kindly with suction, without any harm to vessels, nerves and skin.
• Fat equalization: in this step all the area will equalized by the remain fat to have smooth skin to prevent unevenness.

Possible Complications Associated with Liposuction Techniques

complications that associated with liposuction techniques may include, but they may not all of them but we try to inform you about some of them: In the ultrasound-assisted liposuction, the heat transmitted from the ultrasound device may damagie the skin or deeper tissues. After liposuction the skin surface may change, giving it an asymmetric or baggy look. There can also be changes in the skin pigmentation and zones that may become numb.
The risk for infection, the formation of fat clots and blood clots, excessive fluid loss, and damage to the skin, nerves, or vital organs is greater when apply liposuction on the large areas.
If the lidocaine content is too high, it may cause lidocaine toxicity. If too much fluid is injected, it may cause fluid build-up in the lungs.

I hope this content helps you to be aware of techniques of liposuction to opt the best one for your surgery, we prepare packages in Mediranco for you to make it easier and comfort. Best prices and methods will recommend you on free consultation.
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