ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)

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ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)

Otorhinolaryngology also is known as ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) is a surgical specialty that deals with conditions of ear, nose and throat (ENT), physicians specialized in this field are called Otorhinolaryngologists.

What is ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)?

ENT or ear, nose and throat is a branch of medical science that analyzes the defects of ears, throat, nose, head, and neck. The ENT specialists are not only skilled at respiratory diseases treatments but they are also capable of medicating sinusoidal and larynx problems and adjusting the face and neck structure. An ENT specialist takes different curricula of speech therapy as well. In the following passage, we are going to mention the duties of an ENT specialist in the fields that we talked about and inspect the adroitness of Iranian doctors in this subspecialty.

Iranian surgeons are highly specialized in ENT operations as it’s name indicates, ENT is subspecialized in three categories:

  • Otology: Dealing with disease, infection and damage to ear
  • Rhinology: Deals with Sinus and Nasal disorders
  • Laryngology: Deals with disease, infections and damage to throat and larynx


One of the most significant duties of an ENT specialist is to analyze and treat hearing impairments including ringing in the ears and severe inner and outer ear problems . the country of Iran, having the most skillful ENT specialists, provides special services in terms of hearing impairment and ear diseases:

  • Inner ear, middle ear and outer ear damage treatments
  • Treating the different infections of inner ear and other related sections
  • Healing eardrum and stapes
  • Putting bone conduction hearing device
  • Suboccipital surgery for acoustic neuroma

Ear surgery or otoplasty

One of the most prevailing cosmetic surgeries today is external ear plastic surgery. Candidates of this treatment could vary from children to mature people. There are several reasons that could encourage one to do this surgery. One of many is accident trauma (defects caused) which could tear eardrum and later cause in ear deformation. Otoplasty surgery can resolve these trauma deficiencies and improve patients’ looks. Protruding, projecting and sticking-out ears are the most common cases of this operation.
People with these problems often have low self-esteem in society, also embarrassment hinders their ideas from being expressed. Otoplasty converges the pinna and the head in order to restore their previous positions and enhancing a patient’s appearance.

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Another ENT related defects are deficiencies in nasal areas. Iranian ENT specialists are expert at curing nasal problems such as; Sinusitis, nasal polyps, and taste issues.

1-Tonsil: One of the most widespread nasal problems is infection of tonsils, throat and adenoid. People with swollen tonsils have problematic sleeping. These issues could also lead to patient’s snoring at nights and apnea. Since children are most likeable candidates of swollen tonsils, medical-community has allocated its time and purpose to treat this deficiency. Recently, Iranian doctors have earned a lot of achievements in this field. Nowadays, tonsillectomy has become a common surgical procedure, due to its many plausible side effects like bleeding, this treatment should thoroughly, and correctly, be performed to refrain any problematic situation.

2- Sinusitis: Sinusitis is a kind of inflammation happen to be in the sinuses, causing pain, pressure and swelling in those areas. Sinusitis is divided into chronic and acute sinusitis. Despite acute sinusitis, it usually takes chronic sinusitis more than 3 months to heal, antibiotics also do not have any influence on this illness. The only certain solution to this disease is sinus endoscopy surgery. Regarding to studies conducted between 1996 to 2002 in Iran, 84.4% of chronic sinusitis cases benefited from this remedy and their symptoms never emerged again. Therefore, we can say that Iranian ENT specialists are proficient in diagnosing and curing this nasal disorder.

3. skin cancer: when skin cancer outbreaks on face, the nose is the most probable area to be affected. Removing the cancerous tumor in this areas leads to a lot of wounds and incompetence. The ENT specialists, after removing the tumor, can recover skin texture and treat the possible infections. 4-Nose job or Rhinoplasty: Another trending cosmetic surgery in Iran is rhinoplasty. Based on stats, Iran now has the highest rate of nose job and the 5th place of plastic surgery in the world. Low price and proficiency of Iranian plastic surgeons has attracted many medical tourists from Arabian countries, America and Canada each year. This operation could have both cosmetic and non-cosmetic purposes. For cosmetic purposes we can name crooked and hooked nose, and the size of the nostrils. For non-cosmetic ones, we have already mentioned sinusitis and nose polyps.

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