Dr Ali Javadani

specialty plastic surgery
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Dr. Ali Javadani is a member of the Iranian Association of Plastic Surgeons and the American Rhinology Association

  , who graduated in general medicine (7 -years-course  ), and general surgery (4-years-course)  from Shiraz University,  and specialized in plastic and cosmetic and reconstructive surgery(3-years-course ) from Iran University of Medical Sciences.

The high percentage of his successful surgeries is due to prioritizing the patient's health, and respiratory condition, having a high concentration on the fit of the nose structure with the anatomical indicators of the face, age, and gender of the patient.

All stages of the surgical process, including pre-operative consultation and analysis, surgery and visits, and post-operative care and training, are completely done by him, which had a very positive effect on the high satisfaction rate of his surgeries.

Many successful examples of his breast prosthesis surgery show accuracy and delicacy in initial examinations, choosing the right size of prosthesis, and up-to-date surgical technique.

Initial examinations include accurate measurements of the breast to choose a prosthesis with the right size, which, in addition to giving a beautiful shape to the breast, will not cause excessive enlargement and are not far from the aesthetic criteria.

In the first meeting, the types of prosthetic brands approved by the Ministry of Health of Iran and the Food and Drug Organization of Europe and America, including Mentor, Nagor, Motiva, and Arion brands, are explained, and finally, the best choice is made with his interaction with the client.

Also, all existing concerns, including the relationship between the prosthesis and pregnancy and breastfeeding, are fully explained

His belief in treating the body tissue very gently and respectfully during surgery has made the patients experience the least amount of pain and find the ability to perform their daily activities much faster than expected.

And their post-operative care and recommendations have made patients not face the problem of sagging breasts for a long time, even if their body size changes.

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