Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric Surgery)

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Weight loss surgeries are types of surgeries aimed at losing weight in a short period of time.
Weight loss Surgery is one of the most popular treatments in Iran, There are a wide variety of weight lose surgeries available in Iran, such as gastric bypass, laprascopic gastric bending, sleeve gastrectomy, duodenal switch with biliopancreatic diversion, gastric balloon and gastric plication.

What is obesity, am I obese? 

Obesity is the aggregation of unnatural fat in one’s body, it not only physically deforms the appearances, but also could have lethal impacts on people lives. 

The causes and solutions: 
Many people think that obesity is a consequence of idleness and sloth, however, hereditary and hormonal factors could also play a prominent role in becoming what now people call “Fat”. Obese people often have problematic eating habits, they do not feel full regardless to how much food they have eaten, subsequently by consuming more food, fat would be accumulated in different parts of their body. Due to perpetually increasing number of obesity cases, a lot of people are now interested in doing bariatric surgeries. If you ever darted a glance at advertisements, you would know that there are various methods to a bariatric surgery, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Banding, Gastric Balloon, and plication are some of those methods you may confront the most. 

Am I a good candidate for bariatric surgery?

You are a proper candidate for the weight loss surgery if: 

  • You are an over-weighted adult, especially with obesity related diseases like type 2 diabetes,
  • You know the circumstances and conditions of this operation,
  • You have already prepared yourself for post-operation diets, 
  • You have decided to alter your lifestyle in order to maintain weight.
  • Teenagers are not in most cases a probable bariatric surgery candidate unless their BMI (Body Mass Index) is above 35.

If you are taking this surgical procedure into consideration, call our support service to make sure that you are a fitting candidate for this treatment.

Choosing a surgical method: 

If your candidacy has earned doctors’ approval, then maybe it is time for you to learn more about different weight loss surgery methods: 

    • Treatment Methods:

      Choosing an appropriate technique is reliant to your health condition and profiles, your medical advice, and your aims of this procedure. In order to make an efficient decision, consult these items with your specialist. Not everyone is suitable for a weight loss surgery, surgeons tend​ to recommend this technique to people with >40 BMI score, meaning that they are overweight by at least 45kg for men and 36kg for women.  People who score low in BMI but have weight-related diseases such as; Type 2 Diabetes, Apnea, and high cholesterol could also be good candidates of this surgical procedure. Patients who have tried different ways of losing weight without any of them having a useful effect could keep this method in their mind too.

      Weight loss surgery could be your savior, however, in order to have a prevailing result, you have to alter your diet, lifestyle and exercising.

    • Placing an adjustable gastric band:

      Laparoscopy or imposing an adjustable gastric band or lap-band is a surgical way of losing weight. The surgeon uses an inflatable device to divide the ​patient’s stomach into 2 parts: Upper small pouch and a bigger part below it. In order to lim​it the evacuation pace rate in the upper pouch, these parts are connected to ​each other by a narrow duct. Patients of this method could only consume from ½ to 1 cup (Equivalent to 236ml) amount of food per day. The food must be soft and well chewed.


  • Sleeve or Gastrectomy:


Another minimally invasive technique is called sleeve gastrectomy. In this procedure, the surgeon will remove approximately 75% of your stomach, what remains is a sleeve-like tube which is connected to the intestines. Sometimes gastrectomy suffices patients’ needs, in other cases it is just the initial stage to a bigger procedure. 

    • Gastric bypass (Roux-en-Y Method):

One of the most current barbaric methods among patients is Roux-en-Y Bypass, it is a combination of laparoscopic and malabsorption technique. In this procedure, the surgeon will bisect your stomach but this time without any relativity between these two halved parts, the upper part is then directly grafted to the end of the small intestine. Bypassing some parts of the stomach and small intestine, creates a shortcut for food, this means that the body will absorb fewer​ calories.

Why you must choose Iran for bariatric surgery?

Iranians are one of the most competent nations in medical science fields. They have already proven that with Persian intelligence in addition to 24 hours effort, splendid outcomes are achieved. Since a lot of Iranian people are fascinated by losing weight techniques, bariatric surgeons in this country are currently one of the best of their fields. About 7000 surgeries are performed per year in Iran. 

What’s the cost of bariatric surgery in Iran?

To the least extent, this surgery will cost you 5000€ in France, 3000€ in eastern Europe, and about 8000$ in USA. In Iran, however, you will only need 1300-2000€, in comparison by other countries, Iran has the lowest costs of doing a losing weight surgery. We at Mediranco will provide you with the most copacetic and affordable packages of barbaric surgeries.

Our package for weight loss surgeries includes: airport transportation, accommodation, doctor visits and consultations, laboratory tests, surgery, recovery, post-operative care and follow-up on treatment.