Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer

What is Breast Cancer?

Definition and Epidemiology

Breast cancer is extra growth of tissues and ducts of breasts in women. It’s the most invasive cancer in women after melanoma. It is estimated that 1.2 million new cases were diagnosed each year collectively. Its prevalence in Western Europe and Northern America is between 8% and 10% and in Asian countries is approximately 1% Breast cancer is the most fetal cancer in women after lung cancer and it comprise 16% of all cancers in women. Breast cancer comprise 22% of all invasive and Poor-Diagnosis cancers in women in the world. The number of deaths is 20.6 per 100,000 women per year. Although Breast cancer is a worry among women , if they know more about its symptoms they can get rid of the disease on time.

Types of Breast Cancer

There are 4 types of Breast cancer. In the Breast tissue , there are 2 types of receptors for chemical agents in Body. One of them is Estrogen Receptor , and the second one is HER2 ( a receptor for human growth factor) . based on extra growth of these receptors we have 4 types of cancerous cells. the cancerous cells that they have more Estrogen Receptor than normal cells , have better prognosis and less mortality of patients . generally we have 2 types of cancerous cells : Invasive and Non-invasive. Patients with Non-invasive cells have better prognosis than others with Invasive one.


1. Feeling a lump in breast tissue
2. Skin irritation on breast
3. Nipple discharge (milk or other fluids leaking from nipples when you are not pregnant or breastfeeding)
4. Redness and thickening of nipple
5. Breast pain
6. Nipple turning inward

What is Routine Examinations of Breast Cancer?

If you are 40 years old, you should do self-examination once a month routinely although it can happens to women under 40. You should have an annual mammogram each year and it is much better to see a gynecologist every year for a physical examination. The important thing is that if you have a family history of breast cancer, you should be more careful.15-20% of Cases have family history for Breast Cancer.

You probably have to do the mastectomy surgery for prevention if you have the family history of Breast Cancer. genetics tests for some of genes that are involved in Breast Cancer are helpful.

What is the treatment for Breast Cancer?

1. Hormone therapy
2. Chemotherapy
3. Mastectomy (to remove Breast Tissue ) and removing lymph nodes around Breast
4. Targeted therapy based on personalized medicine by Drugs and Radiotherapy

What do you need to know about Breast Surgery?

Step 1

The first step in breast surgery is to remove the tumor with the surrounding tissue. In the past, people who had breast cancer had doctors taking the entire breast, but today there are different ways to do this:

In surgery, the entire breast tissue is completely removed with the axillary lymph nodes and adjacent breast tissue.

In surgery, all breast tissue is removed with axillary lymph nodes.

In surgery, all breast tissue is removed.

Surgery removes a quarter of the breast tissue and some of the breast.

Depending on the various factors, your doctor will perform surgery on each of the above.

Step 2

Post-operative breast surgery instructions are:

Take your doctor's prescribed medication completely.

Exercising slowly, though painful, is best done.

It is forbidden to take blood pressure or any other injection that causes strain on the muscles of the hand.

Step 3

Short and long term complications in breast surgery are:

You may develop a short-term wound infection after breast surgery.

The blood clotting where the surgery is performed is short-time.

At the surgical site, it is possible to accumulate a transparent fluid that is short-time.

Because of breast surgery and damage to the nerves, the patient may be in severe pain and that is long-time.

Swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpit can cause swelling that can remain for years.

Breast surgery is generally one of the most common cancers and it is best to be careful when choosing a specialist.

Treatment for Breast Cancer in Iran

Types of therapies like lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are available in modern hospitals is Iran. Iran has more qualified physicians in plastic surgery compared to other countries in the world. The best breast cancer surgeries and other surgical procedures and treatments are currently available at a reasonable price for international patients. Currently, mastectomy is performed in many Iranian hospitals (such as Ghaem, Bahman, Gandhi, etc.), especially in Tehran at a reasonable cost. So, if you want to get rid of this cancer, you can go to the Iranian equipped hospitals for surgery or chemotherapy and trust the Iranian doctors.

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