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Brachioplasty In Iran

Arm lift or brachioplasty

Arm lift or brachytoplasty, also called arm lift, is a cosmetic arm surgery that reshapes the lower part of the arm from the underarms to the elbows. In the past, arm lifting was traditionally done with yarns that didn't have much effect and had virtually no results and were not very helpful in resolving the problem. For this reason, there are still people who expect their problem to be resolved through non-surgical arm lift, which is often not the case. Meanwhile, many arm lipolysers are used today to form and beautify it, and it is almost one of the newest treatments in this part of the body.

Arm lift or brachioplasty can be understood as:

1. Reduce excessive hang-up of the arm skin that is created from the armpit to the elbow downwards.
2. Change the shape of the arm by smoothing the skin and wrinkles.
3. Create a youthful look for the arm.
4. Keeping and pulling the texture of the underlying arm.
5. Eliminate topical fat stored in the arm.

Weight changes, aging, and hereditary genetic and traits can cause arm skin to drop and appear hanging on the arm. This problem will not be corrected through exercise because it cannot correct weakened tissue and it cannot return the elasticity to it.
If your arm skin is affected by factors such as weight fluctuations and hang ups, arm lift surgery or arm skin removal can be a good option for you.

Who Benefits Arm Lift Surgery?

Adults whose skin under their arm is significantly hung up.

  • Adults who are not overweight and are overweight.
  • Adults who are healthy and do not have specific disease conditions that may increase the risk of surgery.
  • Non-smokers
  • People who have reasonable expectations of the operation.

Recovery after arm lift surgery

Make sure that after scar lift surgery, a small scar remains on your internal tissue. Post-operative dressing is usually the elastic bandage that reduces post-operative swelling. Sometimes, a thin tube is inserted under your skin to remove the blood that accumulates at the end. After seeing the satisfactory results, you will find that the amount you paid for the arm lift price was worth it.

Post-operative arm lift care

Your doctor will give you advice on how to care for the wound and how to heal it, as well as certain medications to help you heal faster.

  • Use tight wrist support for 2 weeks to keep arm and forearm firm.
  • The dressing is removed 2 days after surgery.
  • Open and close your fingers as soon as you wake up and move your arm over the next few days.
  • Keep your hands above heart level for a few days.
Get complete advice from your doctor.

Results before and after arm lift surgery

The greater smoothness of the skin and lesser lines are the results of arm lift, which are clearly evident immediately after surgery. Note that the main results are not well defined due to bruising and swelling and the scar remains at the incision site.

Although you are expected to achieve optimal results in the first surgery, be aware that sometimes the best results may require a second arm lift surgery.

The results of arm lift surgery will be long lasting if you keep your weight in the right range. But with age, however, some improvements are seen to be temporary. Be careful not to put pressure on your surgical incisions during the recovery and not to wear them.

Following your doctor's instructions is critical to the success of your surgery. Don't worry, your doctor will give you full care instructions.

Procedures for arm lift surgery

Stage One: Anesthesia

This is to help you relax during the procedure, which can be either limited anesthesia or complete anesthesia, and the doctor will do this in consultation with you.

Step Two: Cutting

The length of the incision and the method of incision depend on the amount and location of the skin to be removed, and this is in fact the most important challenge for the physician and depends on the diagnosis of the physician.

The incisions are usually made in the inner parts of the arm or behind the arm, depending on the skill of the physician. Even the incision length may extend from the armpit to the elbow, sometimes shorter, and if the adipose tissue needs to be removed during surgery, the physician will do this simultaneously through surgery or liposuction. .

The internal cut of the arm is made internally by sutures, and the underlying and underlying skin are formed and tightened.

Step Three: Close the cutting site

This can be done with absorbable sutures or with regular sutures, which are sutured one or two weeks after the procedure.

Step Four: See Results

The greater smoothness of the skin and lesser lines resulting from arm lift are clearly evident immediately after surgery. Note that the main results are not well defined due to bruising and swelling and the scar remains at the incision site.

Risks and Complications of Arm Lift Surgery

It is quite personal to do arm lift, but knowing the risk factors and their consequences can be the right decision.

Complications of arm skin surgery include:
  • Bleeding
  • Slow wound healing
  • Creating bad scenery
  • Damage to deeper tissues such as nerves, blood vessels or muscles
  • Make bad cuts
  • Inflation in Des

Recovery period

After the operation, the incision site is covered with dressing or bandage. Your arm may be placed in a pressure bandage or elastic bandage to reduce swelling. A small thin tube called a drain may be temporarily implanted under your skin to remove the fluid or blood that accumulates in the area.

You will receive certain commands including:

How to take care of the operation site and drain.
The medications you should take to complete your healing process and reduce the chance of infection.
Special recommendations on the site of operation.
Your general health and when to see your plastic surgeon for follow

How Much Arm Wrestling Will Cost in Iran?

Cost is very important in beauty and can vary. The cost of the surgeon varies depending on his skill and experience, which also depends on the type of operation and where the operation is performed. Talk to your surgeon about this. But it goes without saying that Iran is one of the cheapest countries for arm lift surgery, but you will also get skilled doctors.

Costs include:
  • The cost of the surgeon
  • Hospital costs
  • The cost of anesthesia
  • Cost of medicines
  • Cost of post-operative pressure dress (armband)
  • Cost of tests
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