About Mediranco

Mediranco is an international tourism and medical services company that was established in 2017 in Iran. In Mediranco, we do our best to provide quality medical services following the best methods in the world. In Mediranco, we believe that "your health is our highest priority." In our organization, all employees and managers believe that they should not sacrifice anything for their most valuable asset, namely health, and should consider the improvement of the health of your body and soul in all matters to leave a beautiful memory of a trip to Iran in your mind. Respect and honesty towards the audience and clients are the first duty of all people who work in this group. This website, which is our way of communicating with you, provides you with the information you need in the field of medicine in complete honesty and accuracy. This information is provided to you without exaggeration, which is reviewed and approved by medical professionals.


At Mediranco we dream of a bright future for Iran’s medical tourism industry, our vision is to consolidate our company as a provider of high-quality medical services to medical tourist who is looking to be treated abroad while offering our dear customers with the best service, doctors, and hospitals that Iran has to offer at affordable price. We strive to unlock Iran’s medical tourism untapped potentials while at the same time improve health care networks around the world.


Our mission is to offer medical tourists who wish to be treated abroad, assistance in finding health care options in Iran. Make ready for them suitable treatment options, planned trips, safe transfer, quality health care services, and an overall pleasant experience at affordable prices until a safe journey back home.

Our partners


Comfort in the best hotels in Iran is the lowest expectation you have, we meet your expectations in cooperation with the best hotels in Iran.


They are the most important partners in this journey, we are working with the best ones. All hospitals in Iran must have an IPD (International patient department) certificate for international patient's admission, there is a list of our partner hospitals.


  • First contact

    Send us your medical query by contacting us through our website and social media.

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  • Choosing treatment

    Receiving our doctors initial diagnosis, treatment options and estimated cost.

    Cosmetic Services Medical Services
  • Traveling to Iran

    Planning your trip according to your needs.

    Booking flight and accommodations.

    Preparing and reserving hospital for treatment.

  • Departure from Iran

    Receiving you at the airport.

    Providing 24/7 assistant and translator.

    Checking in to the hospital.

    Receiving treatments.

    Sightseeing tours(optional)

  • Leaving Iran

    We keep in touch with you for the follow up of your treatment.
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